65069 Stylus UV Alkaline Battery-Powered Pen Light


The size of a pen with a clip to fit in your shirt pocket, this UV flashlight will show the ultra violet dye in IDs and other protected documents.  Great for law enforcement, airport security, bars & nightclubs who are constantly checking IDs.

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Finding The Fakes, Frauds & Forgers.
As forgers and counterfeiters become more sophisticated, officials are finding new ways to create fraudulent-resistant documents. One of the most
effective methods is to imprint hidden ink which is extremely difficult to reproduce and is only detectable by using ultraviolet light.
All states will soon incorporate such images in their driver’s licenses. They are also used on credit cards, vehicle registration cards,
currencies, checks, and other important documents. Once these new documents are in place, it will be up to those of you on the front lines to
identify the fakes, frauds and forgers.
Now You See It!
When you shine a Streamlight ultraviolet flashlightlight on a document with hidden graphics, you’ll see the “invisible” graphics. If no image
appears, you will know instantly that the document is fraudulent.
An Important Forensic Tool
Streamlight ultraviolet lights are also used by medical examiners to quickly detect the presence of proteins at crime scenes.
Great for Leak Detection. Ultraviolet Light Is Today’s Rediscovered Tool!
Ultraviolet light is used to fluoresce dyes used in many leak detection applications, in automotive serving and air conditioning system servicing

• Individually serialized
• Pocket clip
• Glare Guard Protector (included)
Most models meet applicable European Community Directives
Limited lifetime warranty.
Case Material:  Machined aluminum case with anodized finish and non-slip, knurled grip available in black
Dims/Weight:  Length: 6.21’;15.17 cm Diameter: 0.375”; 0.95 cm 1.1 oz; 31.19 grams*
Light Source:  High-intensity solid-state 100,000 hour, 365 NM Ultra Violet LED
On/Off:  Features a momentary blink switch and constant “on”
Run Time:  60 hours
Battery:  3 “AAAA” size alkaline batteries.
*With batteries (included in purchase).


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