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EFFICIENT FILTRATION – The SoftSeal Filter Mask has received up to a 99% filtration efficiency for both Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) at 3 microns, and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) at 0.1 microns in independent lab testing. You won’t find that level of consistent filtration with any other mask on the market.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment should not be returned or exchanged due to the nature of the product. Sanitary items are not eligible for return, for the safety of others. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation. 

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    PATENTED FIT – With SoftSeals patented Silicone fit technology, you can be confident that the SoftSeal Respirator will provide the perfect seal for maximum filtration efficiency. Competitor masks never mold to the exact shape of your face, leaving open holes on the top, bottom, or sides. Because of SoftSeals 360° Silicone Seal, you can rest assured that this mask will form to your face, providing you with the safety you need to do your job.
  • PERSONALIZED FIT – With a 4 point adjustment strap, noseband adjustment, and multiple sizes, the SoftSeal Respirator is made to provide you with a perfect seal. The 360° silicone seal conforms around the shape of your face and moves with you as you breathe or talk. No more holding the mask in place with your hands or constant adjustments throughout the day.
  • UNPARALLELED COMFORT – Wearing traditional respirator masks will have the paper material directly on your face, causing itching and irritation. The last thing you want is an irritable mask that constantly needs to be adjusted. Ultrasonically welded straps remove the need for a staple, while the patented silicone seal will allow you to wear the mask all day while barely noticing it.
  • LONG LASTING – SoftSeal respirators are built with a crush-proof internal silicone skeleton. This helps the mask hold shape while it is being worn, and will not alter the shape of the mask due to excessive breathing. Don’t swap masks throughout the day because your current respirator is crushed“ switch to SoftSeal and save time and money while providing peace of mind.

SoftSeal Filter Respirator Masks

If you have ever used a respirator mask, you will know that they are prone to deforming, loose fits, and discomfort. SoftSeal Respirators have solved the problem that traditional respirators could not. SoftSeal Masks are specifically designed to seal to your face, and remain sealed, so you stay protected and comfortable.

Patented Safety
With Patented Silicone Seal technology, the SoftSeal respirator will provide a perfect seal around your nose and mouth, ensuring that up to 99% of particulates are safely filtered. Multiple sizes and adjustable dual straps help the mask conform to your face shape, and stay in place while on the job. Masks that slip or shift when you need to breath or talk do not offer the maximum filtration that should be required when working with fine or coarse particles. Increase your safety with a SoftSeal Filter respirator.

Long Term Comfort
The adjustable straps are ultrasonically welded onto the mask, removing any need for uncomfortable and leaky staples. This adds to the overall comfort of the mask, and increases the filtration efficiency. Medical grade silicone is used to create the 360° seal around your face, providing extra comfort when wearing a respirator for an extended period of time.

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