ENVOY Rotating Scabbard Baton Holder – Plain


Securely carries an ASP Talon Baton, while allowing rapid deployment. Rotates to 7 different positions.

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The Envoy Scabbard holds a T-Series Baton, ready for rapid presentation, while providing secure retention during dynamic confrontations. The scabbard rotates through 7 click-stop detent positions in a 180 degree arc, so it will not rotate beyond horizontal and compromise the security of the baton. An adjustable internal clip lets you set the amount of baton retention to your preference, and the closed-bottom design allows the Talon Baton to be closed directly into the scabbard.

This tough, polymer scabbard features our exclusive Snap-Loc belt loop, which attaches anywhere on the belt without having to thread or unthread other duty gear. The belt loop features an indexed slide track and bar that adjusts to fit all common duty belt and dress belt widths, or MOLLE gear.

The Envoy Scabbard is available in sizes to fit 50cm and 60cm Talons—make sure to choose the correct size for your baton.

Plain Scabbard for 50 cm – 52446
Plain Scabbard for 60 cm – 52646

• Rotates to 7 Distinct Positions
• Compatible with 50cm Talon batons
• Adjusts to variety of belt sizes
• Easily Attached/Removed

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